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Have you ever been researching a company and wanted to see all their content on a specific piece of relevant information? We have, and just like with our keywords, the search button returned so many irrelevant results that it was impossible to find any useful content. Well we've developed a better way. With specific categories linked throughout the 3 editorial sections of our site, you'll get a graphic display of all relevant content. And, you can filter the content by content type too.

This search includes our blog – DGTLy Speaking, our portfolio – Amazing Stories, , and an area we call Great Ideas, where we share those amazing little bits of genius that come up fairly often. 

We think you're really going to like it.

Great Ideas

Looking for the latest in digital marketing? It's all about location. Whether you encourage people to check in for discounts and promotions, or you send location-based ads when customers are nearby, mobile devices have made location based advertising not only possible, but profitable. The possibilities are virtually limitless - rewards, specials, sweepstakes, and more are just a few of the endless options.

Great Ideas

Mobile is the future of digital marketing, and the future is now. Nearly a quarter of all web traffic is mobile, so it's vital your business website is optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. If you really want to take advantage of mobile, consider mobile apps as part of your marketing strategy. A useful app that benefits prospects and customer can do wonders for your business.

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