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Amazing Stories
Compelling Reasons Campaign

Amerilam Supply Group asked us to target a small but select group of printers and finishers with a campaign designed to convey all the benefits of selecting them for all their finishing supplies and equipment. The target audience included high value leads and existing under performing, but high value customers.

To determine the messaging for this program of 13 weekly postcards and a landing page, we looked to existing Amerilam customers who fit the same profile of our target audience, but were fully engaged in business with our Client. We selected 20 at random, and after conveying an email request from ASG's president, was received permission to survey 12 of these customers by phone.

Once we had our value statements and relevant quotes, we began design of the campaign. With instructions to keep the campaign very tight to brand, the series came together quickly. Our team was responsible for all copywriting, content, and creative.

In addition to the compelling messaging, each of the postcards was laminated with one of ASG's premium laminates from LuxLam, another of ASG's companies. 

The initial campaign was such a success that the client has opted to repeat it over and over again for lead nurture and conversion. 

Amazing Stories
eCommerce Site Redevelopment

When PULP Digital was first established, we created several websites for loyal existing customers. The original Tri State Vet Supply website was one of those. After several years of ecommerce success, Tri State came to us ready for a revamp and fresh design.

This second version of the site boasts improved ecommerce functionality. Their typical users are farmers and large animal veterinarians, and neither are known for having much time to fool with a computer. The streamlined website and easy ordering make this new site very user friendly.

Amazing Stories
Faux Packaging Design

Sometimes, products are so new that there is no actual sample to show a customer. This was the case with Amerilam Supply Company's new collection of packaging. They needed a way to promote these products on their ecommerce website, but were lacking product images.

We created digital renderings of each of the new products to be displayed on their online storefront. Each of these 3D designs show important product details and even demonstrated the multiple color options. All images contained a sample logo placement to give the customer the full picture of the product they would be receiving.

Thanks to these faux packaging designs, Amerilam was able to sell these new products as soon as they were available, instead of waiting on real samples and missing out on revenue potential.

Amazing Stories
New Brand Project

Amerilam Supply Company had created a sleek new laminate that was unique in the finishing industry. With multiple colors and sheen options, it was a very impressive product line. What they did not have, however, was a brand to support it.

Amerilam contacted us to help them with a complete branding project for this incredible new product. From the name, to the logo, to the ultimate design, our graphic design team collaborated together to give them dozens of options.

Ultimately, they settled on the LuxeFilms name and logo that they are using for this product today. We have gone on to create presentation materials, marketing collateral, trade show pieces, and more centered around this brand.

Amazing Stories
Rebranding Project

Burke, Powers, and Harty is an old, well-established insurance business in the Tri-Cities. Their longevity is evidence of their experience, but their tired logo wasn't doing their respected business justice. They needed a fresh look for the next generation of the company.

Everyone in the company took pride in the large, strong oak tree that represented their brand. Plus, there was a history behind the logo, so they were unwilling to part with it completely. Instead, we started with the old logo, cleaning it up and changing the color palette. We also created two brand new text versions of the logo to use in various applications.

With the new logos and colors, we created a full package of printed corporate identity materials. We also carried the rebranding over to all their digital assets, including their website and social media.

Now, Burke, Powers, and Harty has a fresh brand that still honors their history.

Amazing Stories
Sales Presentation Design

Once we had designed the new LuxeFilms brand, Amerilam Supply Group needed a way to present it to their customers. Amerilam sells to several different categories of customers (direct sale, trade distributors, educators, etc), so this sales presentation needed to be able to work for all avenues.

We were responsible for the entire presentation. It was important to highlight each laminating film carried under the LuxeFilms brand, outlining the benefits and uses of each. From layout and design, to copy and graphics, our team created a functional, informative presentation that could be used for any number of applications.

Amazing Stories
Strategic Plan Brochure

The local Sequoyah Council of the Boy Scouts of America needed a strategic planning brochure to outline their plans for the next five years. This strategic plan included the actions that needed to be taken (especially in regards to fundraising) in each area of the organization. It also contained a forecast of their financial future and proposed budgets.

We designed the entire piece, cover to cover, to capture the attention of board members and donors. It needed to be more than a simple report in order to ensure success for the local BSA Council.

The piece turned out beautifully. It showcased the Sequoyah Council and the efforts they have made to improve and further the organization. Everyone involved was incredibly pleased with the end result.

Amazing Stories
Trade Show Campaign

The packaging and processing division of the food industry is one of Kollmorgen's biggest customer segments. That's why they had to make a big impact at the 2012 Pack Expo, the industry's biggest trade show.

Kollmorgen didn't secure a prime spot on the trade show floor, so they knew it would take more than just foot traffic to make their booth a success. They had several impressive demos, but they would have to direct people to their remote corner location to get the most out of their show experience. They engaged with us to run a marketing campaign leading up to the show to generate interest in their booth. 

For weeks prior to the show, we sent relevant, engaging emails to show attendees, urging them to visit Kollmorgen's booth. These emails and accompanying landing pages gave previews of the unique demos and also offered incentives for stopping in to visit. During the actual show, an email was sent to attendees every morning, reminding them of the fun to be had at the Kollmorgen booth. As a bonus, they could enter to win one of several major prizes for every visit.

The marketing campaign was a huge success. Kollmorgen's booth had tons of visitors, and they were able to gain a number of new leads to pursue after the show. The head of their marketing department had this to say about our work:

"Our success for our recent trade show was critically based on getting the word out pre and post show. We had great demos but no one would have seen them if you had not helped us develop such an aggressive communications plan to pull them to our booth way in the back of the third hall! I really appreciate you going beyond expectations to get out daily emails during the early mornings each show day. We would not have been able to do this with other agencies, they could not have moved fast enough and would not have met our tight deadlines. We had one gentleman come up and laugh about getting his morning email… and then actually show us on his phone where he had kept our last 4 or 5 emails! He had not deleted them, was engaged, and searched for our booth! Thanks for all your support!"

Amazing Stories
Trade Show Graphics Design

Amerilam Supply Group attends many trade shows and needs to be able to quickly and effectively market their products to show attendees. When they only have a few moments to catch someone's eye, they better have something that stands out.

Amerilam asked us to create attention-grabbing trade show graphics that would highlight their new LuxeFilms product line. These graphics generated by our design team were then used on pop up banners and displays throughout the show.

LuxeFilms marketing collateral that we created were also used throughout the show.

Great Ideas

When it comes to any kind of marketing, you have to grab your prospect's attention in the first few seconds. Photos and videos can be just what you need to capture their interest. Whether through Google Hangouts, YouTube videos, or Pinterest, videos and pictures are priceless digital marketing assets.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is that thing between vision and reality. It helps us creatively solve problems of all shapes and size. We use graphic design to create better user experiences and interfaces. Graphic design is not just a tool for styling products and developing communications. Graphic design is a tool for change.

But graphic design alone is not enough. In order to be effective in today's world of hundreds of messages a minute, graphic design has to be disruptive. It has to answer that question that everyone asks themselves whenever they are exposed to any marketing media: What's in it for me? Graphic design is most disruptive when it answers that question before it's even asked.  

Our expertise in graphic design is what sets us apart from all the rest. We believe that using graphic design to creatively solve problems opens every possibility for our clients and their businesses.

Our graphic design capabilities include:

  • Collateral Design
  • Print Design
  • Website Design
  • Online Media
  • Interactive Media
  • Video Production

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