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Need a New Website?

The top ten reasons why you should get a new website:

  1. Your website’s purpose isn’t that clear - A great website conveys a main message and theme in a clear, concise way. Your visitors should never be confused about who you are.

  2. Your site is navigationally challenged - If you have a hard time finding information on your site, then think about your visitors. Making the experience hard on your visitors is a huge deterrent.

  3. Your website looks out of date - Your mother used to say “first impressions last a lifetime” and she was right. An out of date website makes your business or organization look unstable or untrustworthy. A fresh, well designed website creates a lasting impression of integrity and stability, which gives visitors a warm fuzzy feeling about your business or organization.

  4. You would like to do great things with your website, like communicate, but can’t - If you cannot update your own site when you want, you need a new site. You should be able to update your site instantly with news about you, your partners, or exciting things happening with your business and organization. You shouldn’t have to wait - the web is instantaneous, and your website should be too.

  5. Your website is difficult to find via search engines - Many old, outdated sites, besides not being very pretty, aren’t attractive to search engines. Built structurally sound, a new website that’s updated often attracts attention and will rise in rank.

  6. Your website is filled with pages of text - These days, instant gratification also pertains to reading. We want to know what’s going on within minutes, not hours. With such a short attention span, 150 – 250 words per page is plenty.

  7. Your business or organization’s brand has changed - If you have a brand new logo, look, or tagline, it's important that your website be singing the same tune. You need to present a cohesive brand on every front.

  8. Your website only displays correctly in Internet Explorer - While Microsoft used to have reign of the sandbox, there are other playmates currently in on the action – Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Creating a good experience for all your visitors is important, no matter what browser they use.

  9. You never receive a lead from your website - Your website should make contacting you a breeze, and you should be able to gather information from interested visitors. If you aren’t getting visited, then it is not doing its job.

  10. You are embarrassed to give out your web address - Have you given someone the excuse, “My contact information is there, just pay no attention, we’re “updating” the site”? If you are making excuses for your site, it's time to stop. Just get a new site.

Amazing Stories
Brand Discovery Project

Universal Companies is a titan in the spa equipment and supplies industry. The only problem is that their sales staff and their management didn't see eye to eye when it came to marketing and the Universal Companies brand. They needed someone who could help them discover who Universal Companies really is.

They enlisted our entire team to help them in a brand discovery project, including a multi-day "Brand Camp." The entire purpose of this project was to find a focus for their brand and a direction for their marketing that all could agree on. 

The first step of this process was to interview a cross-section of their best customers. Our team called these customers and collected their answers to twelve different pointed questions. Summaries of these interviews, charts detailing customer answers, and our own analysis were compiled to give an accurate representation of their average customer and their opinion of the Universal Companies brand.

Our next step was to hold two separate brainstorming meetings, one with management and one with sales. In these meetings, we found out each division's opinions of the brand and gained insight into their customers. We also discussed a detailed SWOT analysis to give us a better picture of what made their company unique.

We then took all our findings and compiled them, along with our recommended next steps for marketing, into a large Brand Recommendations report. This report guides them in all marketing decisions they make and has helped them learn who they are really marketing to. Now, they know who they are and can keep their brand cohesive throughout the company and throughout every marketing outreach.

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Corporate Presentation Template

Nash & Powers Insurance needed a Corporate Presentation Template to use as a master document for all their presentation needs. They wanted something that could help them maintain consistent branding while offering a clean, professional look. All of their management and sales staff would have access to this master template for all presentation requirements.

So, our graphic design team developed a functional presentation template that reinforces the Nash & Powers brand. The template we developed contains a number of different layouts suited for any presentation application. It needed to be able to adapt to a variety of end uses. It was important to include options for graphics, charts, and video as well as the standard text. 

Now, whether pitching to an individual customer, a vendor, or a commercial client, the staff at Nash & Powers has the appropriate slides to fit their needs. 

Amazing Stories
Corporate Website Redevelopment

Johnson Commercial Development is responsible for a large number of successful commercial development projects in the region. Unfortunately, their impressive work was getting lost in an old, outdated company website. The old website did not reflect who they were as a powerful and modern company.

We performed a complete redesign of their old company website. Everything, including design and content, was changed to reflect the Johnson Commercial Development brand. Now, their website contains completed projects, current developments, available property listings and more. 

The site is more than just an online brochure now and can help connect them to potential clients.

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Corporate Website Redevelopment

Burke, Powers, and Harty's existing website was old, unattractive, and not very informative. They needed a completely new website design to showcase their modern business.

BPH contacted us to create a new web presence for them. They wanted a site that would include a detailed collection of their different services and coverage options. The website needed to be somewhere that a potential customer could go to get helpful information and request a quote. It was also important to have an option for filing a claim; they wanted to be available to current customers 24/7.

Their new website is a fully functional customer resource. It has an attractive design and contains all the information a customer could need. It also includes a blog for them to share important insurance articles and connections to their social media profiles.

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Dynamic eCommerce Site Development

Comphy Company had been dealing with an inferior website developer for over a year and still did not have a fully functional ecommerce website. Tired of waiting around, they needed someone who could recover their assets and hit the ground running.

When Comphy Company contacted us, we promptly took over control of their website development. Starting from scratch, we were able to get their website up and rolling in a matter of months. This was no simple commerce site either.  There was a large catalog of products, and each item had multiple size and color options.

The most impressive feature of the site is the "build a bed" module. Users are able to select multiple different options for sheets, comforters, bedskirts, and more and preview them in real time in a digital rendering. This is immensely helpful to their customers and aids in the ultimate buying decision.

Since development was completed, this website has been reaching over $80,000 per month in revenue.

Amazing Stories
eCommerce Site Development

Spalena is a division of Comphy Company that makes sheets exclusively branded for Costco trunk shows. Once the series of traveling shows came to an end, Comphy was left with surplus merchandise and no venue to sell it. 

Comphy approached us to build a small ecommerce website to off load their extra products. In under six weeks, we had the website online and ready to take orders. It is a simple interface, but covers all that they needed to promote and selling the remaining Spalena products.

Once the website launched, it saw tremendous success. In fact, Comphy has remanufactured several sizes and colors in order to continue offering the full line.

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eCommerce Website Design

Comphy Company has always worked with other retailers to cross sell items that complement their line of microfiber sheets. They wanted an ecommerce site that could aid in selling these other items, but wouldn't interfere with their primary business on the main Comphy Company website.

My Favorite Things For Home was designed to fill this need. This basic ecommerce website offers several products from partner retailers that can be drop shipped to the customer.

Comphy Company can easily add new products and partners to the website as needed.

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Faux Packaging Design

Sometimes, products are so new that there is no actual sample to show a customer. This was the case with Amerilam Supply Company's new collection of packaging. They needed a way to promote these products on their ecommerce website, but were lacking product images.

We created digital renderings of each of the new products to be displayed on their online storefront. Each of these 3D designs show important product details and even demonstrated the multiple color options. All images contained a sample logo placement to give the customer the full picture of the product they would be receiving.

Thanks to these faux packaging designs, Amerilam was able to sell these new products as soon as they were available, instead of waiting on real samples and missing out on revenue potential.

Amazing Stories
New Brand Project

Amerilam Supply Company had created a sleek new laminate that was unique in the finishing industry. With multiple colors and sheen options, it was a very impressive product line. What they did not have, however, was a brand to support it.

Amerilam contacted us to help them with a complete branding project for this incredible new product. From the name, to the logo, to the ultimate design, our graphic design team collaborated together to give them dozens of options.

Ultimately, they settled on the LuxeFilms name and logo that they are using for this product today. We have gone on to create presentation materials, marketing collateral, trade show pieces, and more centered around this brand.

Amazing Stories
Perfect Binder Campaign

Amerilam Supply Group wanted to expose both new and existing customer bases to a new model of perfect binder. With a focus on benefits and potential new revenues, the campaign was designed to get recipient attention through great design, and strong calls to action. In addition, personalization was leveraged heavily on both the direct mail piece and the landing page designed to collect leads.

In the process of lead collection, several bits of qualifying information were gathered to assist the client in closing the sale with the interested respondent. The client expressed found that having the qualifying information prior to the sales call allow for better preparation and more effective closing.

The campaign was a resounding success for the client, who stated an 11:1 ROI.

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Rebranding Project

Burke, Powers, and Harty is an old, well-established insurance business in the Tri-Cities. Their longevity is evidence of their experience, but their tired logo wasn't doing their respected business justice. They needed a fresh look for the next generation of the company.

Everyone in the company took pride in the large, strong oak tree that represented their brand. Plus, there was a history behind the logo, so they were unwilling to part with it completely. Instead, we started with the old logo, cleaning it up and changing the color palette. We also created two brand new text versions of the logo to use in various applications.

With the new logos and colors, we created a full package of printed corporate identity materials. We also carried the rebranding over to all their digital assets, including their website and social media.

Now, Burke, Powers, and Harty has a fresh brand that still honors their history.

Amazing Stories
Sales Collateral Design

As a part of their new brand project for LuxeFilms, Amerilam Supply Group needed a full suite of marketing collateral to use to promote their new product. These pieces needed to maintain consistency and portray a strong brand image.

Our design team created a complete set of marketing materials. Everything from product brochures to laminated sample cards were designed and produced in house. 

Amerilam uses these pieces at trade shows, in sales presentations, in product kits, in marketing campaigns, and more. This project, along with the other aspects of branding, have gone extremely successfully.

Amazing Stories
Sales Presentation Template

In addition to their Corporate Presentation Master Template, Nash & Powers engaged with us to create a fully equipped sales presentation as a ready-made solution for their staff. While the master template was just a branded container for them to fill with their own information depending on the use, this sales presentation needed to be a fully operational sales tool.

Nash & Powers provided the our team with an old presentation for ideas and inspiration. The graphic design team reinvented the presentation to embody the Nash & Powers brand. New graphics, layout, fonts, and transitions were created to be cohesive with the master template design. Our content developers changed the existing copy to be more compelling and to tell a clear story, with reasons why to choose Nash & Powers. The finished presentation was fully detailed, with images, text, graphics and more to be a complete selling tool.

Nash & Powers has been effectively using this Sales Presentation to win new customers and close more deals.

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Shopping Center Website

Johnson Commercial Development is in the process of developing a huge shopping center, The Pinnacle, expected to bring in business and revenue from all over the region. They need a website presence to aid in soliciting new businesses for the shopping center as well as to drive consumer interest.

The new website designed by our team is a simple, responsive design. It allows for easy edits, since the number of stores slated for opening will be constantly growing for the next year and beyond. Potential customers will be interested in the list of stores and the new section that highlights progress on the complex. More importantly, developers will be interested in the "Local" section of the site. This area details area information and demographic data - all the important factors businesses need to consider when planning a new location.

The Pinnacle website is built to grow with the development and will assist the shopping center's success.

Amazing Stories
Summer Activities Brochure

The Sequoyah Council, our local Boy Scouts of America chapter, needed a brochure that would draw boys in to the summer camp series. It need to capture the attention of the boys, and encourage the parents that the financial investment of a summer camp like this was worth it.

We designed the brochure entirely from scratch. With two Eagle Scouts on staff, we know exactly what clicks with the Boy Scout demographic. Layout, design, graphics and copy were all created by our design team. These brochures were given out at scout meetings, promoted at different scouting headquarters, and mailed all over the region.

This Summer Activities brochure gave the BSA Sequoyah Council exactly what they needed, and they were able to effectively market their camp series.

Amazing Stories
Trade Show Graphics Design

Amerilam Supply Group attends many trade shows and needs to be able to quickly and effectively market their products to show attendees. When they only have a few moments to catch someone's eye, they better have something that stands out.

Amerilam asked us to create attention-grabbing trade show graphics that would highlight their new LuxeFilms product line. These graphics generated by our design team were then used on pop up banners and displays throughout the show.

LuxeFilms marketing collateral that we created were also used throughout the show.

Great Ideas

Every single person loves to receive special, personalized attention. If you can provide that for your prospects and customers, your marketing is bound to be a success. Whether you develop personalized content or alter your marketing outreach to suit user’s preferences, every bit of personalization you can add increases the effectiveness of your marketing. Listen to your customer’s preferences, demographics and behavior, and then use these key insights to craft each aspect of your marketing.

Brand Design

A brand is more than a name, a logo or a tagline. A brand is a person’s belief about a product, service or destination. When enough individuals arrive at the same belief, a company can be said to have a brand. In other words, a brand is not what you say it is, it's what they say it is. A brand’s power (equity) is derived from the goodwill and name recognition that it has earned over time. 

With this in mind, the foundation of everything we produce for your company will fall under the branding and positioning umbrella. We design brands in a way that will encourage customers to think and feel a certain way about the brand, and we will position the brand to evoke an emotional response. This will be crucial to brand success.

How will we establish and build your brand equity?
By developing the following:

  • Brandmark Design
  • Wordmark Design
  • Brand Typography Guides
  • Collateral Packages
  • Stationery Kits 
  • Color Palette and Theory
  • Brand Style Guides

Brand Research

Every brand aspires to command a price premium. To accomplish this, we need to understand what makes your brand meaningfully different from your competition. But that meaning is in the eye of the beholder. So much as we seek to add meaning to your brand, the customer also adds their own unique meaning to what the brand stands for, and that may be far more important than anything we say or do.

That's what makes brand research incredibly important to the future of your brand. Great brands forge a real and direct emotional connection with their customers. It starts with a deep understanding of your target audience. Needs, preferences, goals, desires: You can never know enough about your customer.

We offer a wide variety of traditional brand research techniques:

  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantative Research
  • Ethnographic Studies
  • Elasticity Studies
  • Conjoint Analysis

Print Design

​Although digital marketing is all around us today, print is still a huge part of the of our lives and pops up everywhere we look. We read posters, magazines, business cards, newspapers — more print that we realize. If you really think about it, our interaction with print media are just as prevalent as our interactions with digital media.

And that's why print design is so important. With so many opportunities to reach your audience with print, you have to make sure your print design stands out among the competition.

We are experts at creating a contrast between your marketing and your competitions, in print or any other media. 

Here are just a few of the areas where we can help:

  • Brand Collateral
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Personalized Print
  • Sales Collateral
  • Direct Marketing

Professional Photography

Are you trying to convince customers to buy your products and services? The common approach is to use meaningless graphics & artificial effects in an attempt to wow customers.

Exceptional photography grabs attention. We've all experienced the pull from great advertising images that instantly grab our attention and captivate our minds. We can all admit that beautiful catalog photos and web site photos influence our buying decisions. Whether comparing products on store shelves or online at different web sites, chances are the company with high quality professional photography will earn our business and admiration. In fact, if we find a truly impressive presentation, we may also tell friends and relatives to check it out.

Our in-house photographer has an eye for what sells. Convince your customer to buy with great photography. We offer:

  • Product Photography
  • Model Photography
  • Portraiture
  • Location Shoots

Digital Marketing
Website Design & Development

Your website design and strategy should have a single overarching goal for your organization. It should deliver more revenue than it costs to develop and maintain. Website design is probably the biggest factor in this strategy, and most websites are designed to fit naturally into one of these 5 different patterns:

  • The Brochure
  • The Publication
  • The Online Store
  • The Consultive Site
  • The Online Service

Choosing the design that is right for your business may not be as easy as it seems. If you've followed the advice most web developers, odds are they chose a type that they were familiar with, was easy to sell to management, and doesn't deliver revenue to the business.

But most web developers just deliver websites, with very little thought for strategy.  We examine your business to make certain we deliver the proper strategy and web experience to deliver leads and revenue to your organization. We develop powerful, targeted online solutions for engagement across multiple media. With ease of use as our primary goal, we increase those chances of engagement for our clients.


SocialEngine is the best way to create your own social website or online community. With it, you can create a custom social network for anything, including these examples:

Affinity Groups 

Are you really passionate about something? Use SocialEngine to create a unique social network just for people that share your passion. 

Startups & Businesses 

Create a community for your customers so they can support each other, give you feedback and rally around your product. 


Want to build a private network for your employees or key community members? SocialEngine is a great way to help them connect. 

Brands & Fans 

Create a custom community where your fans and followers can engage with your brand and each other on a much deeper level.

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