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Amazing Stories
Lead Generation Campaign

Presswise is a fairly young company, but they offer a much needed tool for their industry. They wanted to promote their product to an existing list of prospects, but needed help creating compelling messaging and design.

We engaged with Presswise to design a complete marketing campaign, including postcards, emails, landing pages, and more. To prepare for the campaign, we interviewed several of Presswise's best customers to discover their main business challenges and collect testimonials to accompany the messaging. While brainstorming for messaging ideas, we settled on turning key pain points of these customers into attention grabbing questions. 

For example, "Can you process an entire job, from order to delivery, in as few as three steps?" This question was printed boldly on the front of a folded card, prompting the recipient to open and read. On the inside was a testimonial, outlining how Presswise's solution could eliminate that pain point. Each touch drove the prospect to engage further in order to receive more information or see a live demo.

This campaign was a huge hit thanks to such relevant messaging. Presswise gained a large number of hot leads for their sales people to pursue.

Amazing Stories
Perfect Binder Campaign

Amerilam Supply Group wanted to expose both new and existing customer bases to a new model of perfect binder. With a focus on benefits and potential new revenues, the campaign was designed to get recipient attention through great design, and strong calls to action. In addition, personalization was leveraged heavily on both the direct mail piece and the landing page designed to collect leads.

In the process of lead collection, several bits of qualifying information were gathered to assist the client in closing the sale with the interested respondent. The client expressed found that having the qualifying information prior to the sales call allow for better preparation and more effective closing.

The campaign was a resounding success for the client, who stated an 11:1 ROI.

Amazing Stories
Sales Collateral Design

As a part of their new brand project for LuxeFilms, Amerilam Supply Group needed a full suite of marketing collateral to use to promote their new product. These pieces needed to maintain consistency and portray a strong brand image.

Our design team created a complete set of marketing materials. Everything from product brochures to laminated sample cards were designed and produced in house. 

Amerilam uses these pieces at trade shows, in sales presentations, in product kits, in marketing campaigns, and more. This project, along with the other aspects of branding, have gone extremely successfully.

Amazing Stories
Strategic Plan Brochure

The local Sequoyah Council of the Boy Scouts of America needed a strategic planning brochure to outline their plans for the next five years. This strategic plan included the actions that needed to be taken (especially in regards to fundraising) in each area of the organization. It also contained a forecast of their financial future and proposed budgets.

We designed the entire piece, cover to cover, to capture the attention of board members and donors. It needed to be more than a simple report in order to ensure success for the local BSA Council.

The piece turned out beautifully. It showcased the Sequoyah Council and the efforts they have made to improve and further the organization. Everyone involved was incredibly pleased with the end result.

Amazing Stories
Summer Activities Brochure

The Sequoyah Council, our local Boy Scouts of America chapter, needed a brochure that would draw boys in to the summer camp series. It need to capture the attention of the boys, and encourage the parents that the financial investment of a summer camp like this was worth it.

We designed the brochure entirely from scratch. With two Eagle Scouts on staff, we know exactly what clicks with the Boy Scout demographic. Layout, design, graphics and copy were all created by our design team. These brochures were given out at scout meetings, promoted at different scouting headquarters, and mailed all over the region.

This Summer Activities brochure gave the BSA Sequoyah Council exactly what they needed, and they were able to effectively market their camp series.

Amazing Stories
Trade Show Campaign

The packaging and processing division of the food industry is one of Kollmorgen's biggest customer segments. That's why they had to make a big impact at the 2012 Pack Expo, the industry's biggest trade show.

Kollmorgen didn't secure a prime spot on the trade show floor, so they knew it would take more than just foot traffic to make their booth a success. They had several impressive demos, but they would have to direct people to their remote corner location to get the most out of their show experience. They engaged with us to run a marketing campaign leading up to the show to generate interest in their booth. 

For weeks prior to the show, we sent relevant, engaging emails to show attendees, urging them to visit Kollmorgen's booth. These emails and accompanying landing pages gave previews of the unique demos and also offered incentives for stopping in to visit. During the actual show, an email was sent to attendees every morning, reminding them of the fun to be had at the Kollmorgen booth. As a bonus, they could enter to win one of several major prizes for every visit.

The marketing campaign was a huge success. Kollmorgen's booth had tons of visitors, and they were able to gain a number of new leads to pursue after the show. The head of their marketing department had this to say about our work:

"Our success for our recent trade show was critically based on getting the word out pre and post show. We had great demos but no one would have seen them if you had not helped us develop such an aggressive communications plan to pull them to our booth way in the back of the third hall! I really appreciate you going beyond expectations to get out daily emails during the early mornings each show day. We would not have been able to do this with other agencies, they could not have moved fast enough and would not have met our tight deadlines. We had one gentleman come up and laugh about getting his morning email… and then actually show us on his phone where he had kept our last 4 or 5 emails! He had not deleted them, was engaged, and searched for our booth! Thanks for all your support!"

Print Design

​Although digital marketing is all around us today, print is still a huge part of the of our lives and pops up everywhere we look. We read posters, magazines, business cards, newspapers — more print that we realize. If you really think about it, our interaction with print media are just as prevalent as our interactions with digital media.

And that's why print design is so important. With so many opportunities to reach your audience with print, you have to make sure your print design stands out among the competition.

We are experts at creating a contrast between your marketing and your competitions, in print or any other media. 

Here are just a few of the areas where we can help:

  • Brand Collateral
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Personalized Print
  • Sales Collateral
  • Direct Marketing

Print Marketing
Brand Collateral

Branding is a continuous process. It's critical that your brand's integrity is maintained in all strategies, approach, activities and collateral. Your brand collateral assets are expected to support the brand along with its identity, philosophy and positioning, creating lasting impressions in the customers’ mind.

Brand Collateral assets are essentially a collection of discreet brand communication tools and media. This collection of assets is utilized to launch, promote, maintain, enhance and rejuvenate brands. In lockstep with the brand’s philosophy, values, character and aspirations, your brand collateral is integral part of your marketing strategy. It is used to provide collateral support to all marketing, sales, pre-sales and business development activities. These collateral assets include:

  • Product Catalogs
  • Company Brochures
  • Collateral Folders
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Brand Packaging
  • DVD / CD / Blue Ray Disc Covers
  • Point-of-Sale Takeaways

Print Marketing
Collateral Management

Your prospects are raising their hands—online, at retail outlets, from advertising and during trade shows. They want detailed information about your products or services. And they want it right away. Are your collateral materials personalized to meet their specific needs? Can you respond while they’re still ready to buy? If not, you may miss your opportunity to close the deal.

Collateral Management is a complete solution that integrates personalization, print-on-demand capabilities, fulfillment and mail management services to make your response and collateral distribution activities more effective while lowering costs. We improve conversion rates by modularizing the printing and fulfillment of your marketing collateral materials. This improves turnaround times, eliminates the obsolescence of pre-printed materials, and improves the accuracy of your mailing. It makes your marketing materials relevant and personalized, and keeps your brand messaging consistent. Collateral management puts your brand strategy in sync with sales and marketing, and adapts it to a variety of opportunities, from opening up in new markets to strengthening existing customer relationships.

Our collateral management services include:

  • eProcurement & Management
  • Brand Management
  • Cost Management
  • On-Demand Printing & Fulfillment
  • Personalization/Versioning

Print Marketing
Direct Marketing

​Direct marketing is just what it sounds like - directly reaching your customers and potential customers on a personal basis. This also includes mass-media.

We often distinguish direct marketing by aggressive tactics that attempt to reach new customers, usually by means of unsolicited direct communications. But, we can also leverage direct marketing to reach existing or past customers. A key factor in the success of direct marketing is a call to action. As a part of this call to action, direct marketing campaigns should offer an incentive or enticing message to get consumers to respond.

Direct marketing allows us to locate, contact, offer, and make incentive-based information available to consumers. Here are some methods of direct marketing:

  • Postcards: Perfect for promoting events, distributing coupons, and announcing new product and service offerings.
  • Letters: These are great when you want to personally introduce yourself or provide information about higher-consideration purchases such as home services or contracting.
  • Trifold cards: These are similar to postcards, but provide layout flexibility to convey more information, like a restaurant take-out menu.

Print Marketing
Marketing Collateral

​Marketing collateral is used to support a company's primary advertising message to consumers. Marketing collateral is also used to communicate important information to partners about a company's products or services. Digital media has enabled marketing collateral to assume formats beyond printed material to include Web content and point-of-sale electronic devices. Printed marketing collateral frequently runs parallel to other media that is used to communicate your primary message.

Effective consumer-oriented collateral has an emotional appeal that communicates a unique and richly-rewarding user experience gained from buying the product or service. It usually supports or echoes the user benefit found in your main advertising message, including a compelling call-to-action. 

Marketing collateral usually includes:

  • Product brochures
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Success stories
  • Data sheets

Print Marketing
Personalized Print

​Personalized and relevant print takes what would otherwise be a static print piece and personalizes it for each recipient. Personalization can be as simple as a name in a salutation or as complex as the use of images, design and historical data targeted to the specific interests of each individual. It seeks to make the communication piece relevant to each recipient.

Personalized Print has proven to be an effective communication and marketing tool in capturing the attention of target audiences. Research shows that the use of personalization and relevance in print contributes to increased response rates, revenue, and business improvement; as well as reducing the costs and waste associated with “generic” mailing.

These items can be easily personalized for your recipient:

  • Postcards
  • Letters
  • Security Products
  • Tickets
  • Coupons
  • Brochures

Print Marketing
Sales Collateral

​Sales representatives traditionally used sales collateral as something to leave behind after a sales call. Businesses now recognize that different types of sales collateral have a specific role to play in the sales cycle. Customers may want to gather information before speaking to a sales representative; web content is important at that stage. In the early stages of a complex sale, white papers can help customers define their requirements and understand possible solutions available from the organization. As the customer gets closer to a purchasing decision, a customized proposal can help to close the deal.

Printed sales collateral can help your salesforce in every stage of the sale. We can help you determine your team's exact collateral needs and fill those needs with collateral materials that help them close more sales. These materials might include:

  • Sales Reference Material
    • Product Guides
    • Market Guides
    • Training Material
  • Customer Material
    • Sell Sheets
    • Product Guides
    • Corporate Brochures

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