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Client Profile: Nash & Powers

About Nash & Powers

Nash and Powers Insurance Services, Inc. was established in 1991 and has quickly become a leading independent insurance agency in Tennessee and Virginia. As an independent insurance agency, Nash and Powers Insurance Services can shop the top carriers in the country in order to bring their customers the best, most affordable insurance solutions.

They offer a broad selection of both personal insurance and business insurance coverage. Plus, through packages and bundling, they can get deeper discounts for their loyal customers.

Contact Nash & Powers


PHONE: (423) 764-2700

ONLINE: http://www.nashandpowers.com/

Client Projects

Amazing Stories
Corporate Presentation Template

Nash & Powers Insurance needed a Corporate Presentation Template to use as a master document for all their presentation needs. They wanted something that could help them maintain consistent branding while offering a clean, professional look. All of their management and sales staff would have access to this master template for all presentation requirements.

So, our graphic design team developed a functional presentation template that reinforces the Nash & Powers brand. The template we developed contains a number of different layouts suited for any presentation application. It needed to be able to adapt to a variety of end uses. It was important to include options for graphics, charts, and video as well as the standard text. 

Now, whether pitching to an individual customer, a vendor, or a commercial client, the staff at Nash & Powers has the appropriate slides to fit their needs. 

Amazing Stories
Sales Presentation Template

In addition to their Corporate Presentation Master Template, Nash & Powers engaged with us to create a fully equipped sales presentation as a ready-made solution for their staff. While the master template was just a branded container for them to fill with their own information depending on the use, this sales presentation needed to be a fully operational sales tool.

Nash & Powers provided the our team with an old presentation for ideas and inspiration. The graphic design team reinvented the presentation to embody the Nash & Powers brand. New graphics, layout, fonts, and transitions were created to be cohesive with the master template design. Our content developers changed the existing copy to be more compelling and to tell a clear story, with reasons why to choose Nash & Powers. The finished presentation was fully detailed, with images, text, graphics and more to be a complete selling tool.

Nash & Powers has been effectively using this Sales Presentation to win new customers and close more deals.

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