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Another Search Marketing story from Robert Carrier

Don't Be Second Place

“Not everyone has the time (or the skill) to optimize their own website”

Did you know that only 8% of traffic from a Google search makes it to the second page? If your website isn’t coming up on the first page, your chances of being found by potential customers are slim. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to your business success.

An effective search strategy will increase your page rank, as well as brand awareness and site traffic. Gaining visibility on that first page of search results is worth any amount of time and effort you have to spend. Below are the three most important factors to consider when optimizing your website.

Content - Creating high-quality content is the most important thing you can do for your website. Content, including your website, blog and even social media, provides the foundation for the rest of your marketing strategy. It’s one of the most important signals to search engines, increasing SEO and credibility for your website.

Don’t neglect your images either, they are valuable sources for content if used correctly. Un-optimized images are practically invisible to search engines, but tools like captions and alt text can give them SEO weight. Plus, a nice balance between text and images satisfies both users and search engines.

Keywords - Heaps of content alone will not put your website at the top of search results. Your content needs to be rich in keywords, the words your prospective customers are searching for. It’s important that you have enough keywords to improve your SEO, but not so many that you ruin the user experience with boring or repetitious content. Relevant keywords should be a mix of general terms and niche phrases for your industry. You want to make sure it’s something people are actually going to enter into a search bar.

Links - Once you have quality content and effective keywords, link building helps potential customers, and search engines, discover what you have to offer. By creating helpful, informative content, you are more likely to draw interest from other relevant, highly ranked sites. The links you create will vary depending on your products and services, but it should have both an internal (other pages within your website) and external (outside websites) focus.

Not everyone has the time (or the skill) to optimize their own website, that’s why PULP Digital offers SEO optimization packages for all types of websites. We can do everything, from initial website development to content creation to keyword research. Contact us today to discuss your options, and get your website out in front of the competition.

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