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Another Business Websites story from Robert Carrier

Biggest Web Project Ever

“If you're not a client, jump on board...”

The new PULP Digital website has been a substantial body of work. The numbers alone are staggering, so much so that many of them are impossible to count. Here are just a few at today's count:

  • 8 Months in development
  • In excess of 900 hours invested
  • 1188 Pages of content
  • 9347 Page links
  • 635 Unique images

This is a big site, full of information on our company, it's services and solutions, and how they relate to standard industry keywords and Digital Marketing categories. Never before have we taken on a project of this size. If this were a client site, the cost would be in the neighborhood of $125,000. Yet this is only the beginning.

Developed to demonstrate our passion and capabilities, this site highlights everything that is unique about our team in this industry. Rich in compelling graphics and content. Client and results focused, without being too much "about us." Enough content to satisfy search engines, but not so much that it bores the user. Every bit of content carefully selected to remain as close to brand as possible. And every page cross-linked to other relevant pages through keywords and categories. 

Socially speaking, we love to share, and we've given you the ability to easily share most every page of content on your own social media, and we hope you will. Just like our website, all our social media pages are new too, and we hope you'll like those too. All of these digital media are meant for interaction and engagement, and that only works if you use it. 

Come back often, comment frequently, and like to you're heart's content.  If you're an existing client, we hope you as crazy about this site as we are. If you're not a client, jump on board and become one. We've got a saying around here: our best work is the work we will do tomorrow. If you hurry, our best work could be for you.

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