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50.4% of U.S. mobile subscribers own smartphones. (Source: Nielsen, 2012)
64% of smartphone owners are now using their mobile devices to shop online. (Source: eDigitalResearch & Portaltech Reply, 2012)
57% will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. (Compuware, 2012)
40% will go to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience. (Compuware, 2012)

With such a rapid growth in mobile subscribers, and more and more users turning to their phone instead of more traditional media, it is more important than ever to utilize cutting edge marketing efforts. Otherwise you risk losing business to the competition.

“Before the iPhone, cyberspace was something you went to your desk to visit. Now cyberspace is something you carry in your pocket.” - Paul Saffo

It's true, mobile and specifically smartphones have changed everything. But still,  developing extremely effective mobile promotion plans and strategies is still not as easy as it would seem. Investments in mobile marketing are set to exceed $50 billion annually buy 2015. With high stakes both in terms of investment and consumer demands, companies want to know which steps to take in order to create a successful mobile strategy.

GETTING STARTED WITH Mobile Marketing Solutions


Identifying goals and objectives


It goes without saying that mobile goals and objectives should be related to the overall business objectives of the company. To help with the process, we consider how a mobile channel might help you meet your business objectives.
Tiffany & Co’s ”Find your Engagement Ring” mobile app is a perfect example of execution based on extensive, well-formulated research on the target audience and clearly defined business objectives. It clearly targets men who have a problem identifying the ring size for women they would like to propose to. It still showcases the product, but it solves the major hurdle in the purchasing process.

Defining the profile of the target


Existing customers, new customers, what do you know about your target? Social media can be the hero and provide a wealth of knowledge about your different segments, especially smartphone users. The more we know about social media and mobile usage, the clearer it becomes that mobile and social experiences are interconnected and inseparable. According to OnSite Consulting’s 2011 report, 56 percent of connected smartphone users follow a brand on social media. By listening to the conversation on social networks and identifying what is being said about your brand and product, we also identify specific problems and pain points to address with your mobile marketing.

Determining the right approach


Once we have identified your target audience and set your objectives for the mobile channel, choosing the right mobile development strategy becomes easier. It is important to keep in mind that the strategy is also about reaching the right people with the right features required to meet the established objectives. Effective mobile solutions require unique and specific planning, tactics, integration and implementation. Use scenarios to establish interaction models. Scenarios must be realistic and in-context.
Mobile users demand two main things when it comes to mobile experiences: content and convenience.

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