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Brand Strategy & Development

Consumers have become information rich and time poor. The old method of judging products—by comparing features and benefits—no longer works. Today, it's all about trust. If I can trust the brand, I can buy now and worry about it later. The degree of trust I feel about the product, rather than an assessment of it's features and benefits, will determine whether I'll buy from you or a competitor.

Creating trust should be the fundamental goal of any branding project. And trust is the ultimate shortcut to a buying decision. Building trust should be your most important branding strategy.

But, we've found it takes more than strategy to build a brand. It takes strategy, creativity, and community together. The problem is, these three things, in most companies, are separated by wide chasms, and brand messaging that instills trust is lost before it reaches the customer.

We have five key objectives in your branding project. They are as follows:

  1. Discover the core value of the brand.
  2. Discover the brand architecture.
  3. Create a strategy for brand, marketing and measurement.
  4. Develop a plan to help you leverage social networks.
  5. Create synergy between Management, Marketing and Sales.

GETTING STARTED WITH Brand Strategy & Development


We look inside your business

Brand Review

We begin by evaluating your virtual assets—the websites and social media activities, whether originated by you or a third party. We examine your physical marketing assets, your marketing collateral. We look at your product and service lines. We evaluate all the channels your customers and potential customers use to communicate with you.

We learn from your Staff

Staff Review

We talk to the people who know your brand best. Your sales staff, and your leadership team, and it's important that we get each group's candid feedback. We'll concentrate on three little unambiguous questions that help us determine why consumers should care about, and trust your brand. They help us see what makes your brand different from your competitors.

We learn from your Customers

Customer Review

Once we know what your key differentiators are, we work with you to interview a select group of your customers with questions developed during our discovery process. Your customers will help us discover how trust was formed in those relationships and what communities they use to build trust in other types of relationships.

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