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Marketing+Sales= Success

Though sales and marketing are two very different sides of any business, their functions are completely intertwined. It’s marketing’s job to bring leads in, and it’s sale’s job to close them. It may seem like a simple relationship, but a lot of work goes into taking a prospect from lead to customer. Marketing automation makes this conversion easier, quicker, and more successful for both sales and marketing.

Here’s a little example to show you how marketing automation can work:

  1. John receives a personalized email from Acme Company directing him to a landing page containing a white paper.
  2. John follows the link, registers on the site, and downloads the white paper.
  3. He’s then sent a followup email, and later an invitation to a webinar.
  4. Once he opens and follows through with those touches, he receives a phone call from his assigned sales representative at Acme Company.
  5. The sales representative can now gauge John’s interests and needs, and may even request a discovery meeting (to be held over the phone or in person).
  6. John is now a highly scored lead, and the only manual touch required was a phone call.

Marketing automation can be designed with any variety of triggers. The first touch could be a postcard directing John to a video landing page. Instead of a white paper, he could download a digital catalog, or even request a complimentary printed copy. These touches can be mixed and matched to play to your business’s strengths.

If John hadn’t responded to any of the marketing touches, or had only responded to the first one, he would have been placed in an automated nurture campaign. This type of campaign would keep Acme’s name in front of John with additional marketing touches, waiting for him to convert or to ultimately be removed from the lead list.

Studies show that 72% of all prospects fail to convert to customers simply because they were directed to sales too early. Sales staff have enough on their plates, they shouldn’t be expected to nurture potential customers as well. With marketing automation, they only receive leads that are hot and ready to close. Effective automation is the key to success for both marketing and sales.

If you’re ready to find out how marketing automation can work for your business, give us a call at 423-764-5751. We can work within your existing marketing framework or start completely from scratch. It’s time for your sales and marketing to realize their full potential.

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No Website? Think Again

Here are the top ten reasons you need a website:

  1. Bring your Business to the World - With millions of people now using the Internet to search for information, you need an online presence to reach out to them and stay relevant.

  2. Advertise your Business 365/24/7 - Think of your website as an online brochure. Your customers can access it anytime, anywhere and use it to find out more about your products and services. You can provide any information you want without the limitation of traditional print brochure.

  3. Reach New Markets - Having a website allows you to reach out to new markets around the world. There are no boundaries with the Internet.

  4. Sell your Product - A website gives you another avenue to sell your products and services. Think of it as an employee who is always promoting you. Today's technology allows for safe and secure online transactions, so there's no reason not to.

  5. Enhance your Customer Service - A website offers easy access to information regarding hours of operation, products, pricing, and special events. You can use it as a medium to provide valuable information for your customers.

  6. Reach a Specialized Market - Having a website is a great way to exhibit your professionalism in niche markets. It allows you to stand out in your field.

  7. Stay Competitive - Any serious company or organization has a web presence. Your competitors may already be online. You do not want to lose out on all the opportunities to your competitors.

  8. Request Information - A website is a useful tool for requesting customer information and for finding out what they think about your products and services. It creates a connection between your business and the customer and you can always reach out to them using the information they provide.

  9. Make Changes Available Quickly - Changes made to your website are visible to visitors immediately. Websites are a useful tool for keeping information about your products and services up-to-date.

  10. Cost Effective - Utilizing a website for your marketing allows you to reach out to a large number of people by showcasing your products and services without the high cost of traditional print media. There is also no limit to the information you can provide, and it is a very cost effective way to promote yourself or business.

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Ready For "More?"

Everybody wants more. In fact, “We need more” is a phrase we hear out of nearly every business we work with. But more of what exactly is the question we’re asking. At PULP Digital, we make it our mission to deliver more. Depending on what “more” you need, we have the program that can make it happen.

We would dare to say that every single business we talk to wants more qualified leads. And who wouldn’t? More leads means more customers and higher revenue. We employ a number of marketing tactics to generate more leads, including email, web, social, mobile, and even print. But we won’t just give you a one size fits all marketing plan. We work to strategize with you and create a tailored solution.

New leads are a beautiful thing, but so are loyal customers. They’re the ones who will come back over and over again, bringing you more business with little to no effort. Who wouldn’t want more of those? Our loyalty marketing programs will help you secure more of these golden customers.

If you’re a new business, maybe you’re not looking for loyalty just yet. What you need is more brand recognition. Using a variety of tactics, we’ll put your message in front of your prospects again and again. Regular marketing will help them remember you when they’re ready to buy.

Something that helps tremendously with brand recognition is a web presence. But what do you want once you’ve built a website? More web traffic of course. Every marketing outreach you use should be driving customers to your website to get them further along the sales cycle. Lucky for you, we can create integrated marketing websites that do most of the heavy lifting for you.

If you’re a B2C (business to consumer) retail-type business, you can capitalize on that web traffic with an online storefront. We will help you generate online sales through a number of marketing channels, including email and Google AdWords. Plus, adding and editing products on your website is a cinch with our e-commerce functionality.

More leads, more traffic, and more customers all mean nothing if your sales staff can’t scale to support it. We have a variety of tools to help you with this scalability, so not a single prospect slips through the cracks. You’ll be able to do more business with fewer resources.

So are you ready to get more? Contact PULP Digital today and find out just how much more we can deliver. We’re ready to blow you away.

Amazing Stories
New Brand Project

Amerilam Supply Company had created a sleek new laminate that was unique in the finishing industry. With multiple colors and sheen options, it was a very impressive product line. What they did not have, however, was a brand to support it.

Amerilam contacted us to help them with a complete branding project for this incredible new product. From the name, to the logo, to the ultimate design, our graphic design team collaborated together to give them dozens of options.

Ultimately, they settled on the LuxeFilms name and logo that they are using for this product today. We have gone on to create presentation materials, marketing collateral, trade show pieces, and more centered around this brand.

Amazing Stories
Rebranding Project

Burke, Powers, and Harty is an old, well-established insurance business in the Tri-Cities. Their longevity is evidence of their experience, but their tired logo wasn't doing their respected business justice. They needed a fresh look for the next generation of the company.

Everyone in the company took pride in the large, strong oak tree that represented their brand. Plus, there was a history behind the logo, so they were unwilling to part with it completely. Instead, we started with the old logo, cleaning it up and changing the color palette. We also created two brand new text versions of the logo to use in various applications.

With the new logos and colors, we created a full package of printed corporate identity materials. We also carried the rebranding over to all their digital assets, including their website and social media.

Now, Burke, Powers, and Harty has a fresh brand that still honors their history.

Great Ideas

Looking for the latest in digital marketing? It's all about location. Whether you encourage people to check in for discounts and promotions, or you send location-based ads when customers are nearby, mobile devices have made location based advertising not only possible, but profitable. The possibilities are virtually limitless - rewards, specials, sweepstakes, and more are just a few of the endless options.

Brand Design

A brand is more than a name, a logo or a tagline. A brand is a person’s belief about a product, service or destination. When enough individuals arrive at the same belief, a company can be said to have a brand. In other words, a brand is not what you say it is, it's what they say it is. A brand’s power (equity) is derived from the goodwill and name recognition that it has earned over time. 

With this in mind, the foundation of everything we produce for your company will fall under the branding and positioning umbrella. We design brands in a way that will encourage customers to think and feel a certain way about the brand, and we will position the brand to evoke an emotional response. This will be crucial to brand success.

How will we establish and build your brand equity?
By developing the following:

  • Brandmark Design
  • Wordmark Design
  • Brand Typography Guides
  • Collateral Packages
  • Stationery Kits 
  • Color Palette and Theory
  • Brand Style Guides

Content Design

Content is king. We hear this all the time. But this statement couldn't be further than the truth. Online, the user is king, and your content must create a pleasing experience to find the king's favor. If it doesn't, the user ignores your content and finds favor with someone else's content.

Brands that don’t take content design seriously are squandering a golden opportunity to make a real connection with their users. Buyers buy and users share based on emotional responses and aesthetic connections to products. Advertisers know this; and design-focused companies like Apple have built fortunes based on those connections. When the product in question is your website content, don’t underestimate the competitive advantages well-designed content could offer you.

We specialize in developing customized online content for our clients. We offer a complete range of services to help them effectively communicate their message to their users. Our online content development services help clients with:

  • SEO Website Content
  • SEO Blog Content
  • Social Media Content
  • Newsletters
  • Email Campaigns
  • Case Studies/Success Stories
  • Informative Guides
  • Press Releases
  • E-Books
  • Custom Articles
  • Lead Generating Landing Pages
  • Microsites
  • Video Scripts
  • Print Brochures
  • Lead Nurturing Emails

Graphic Design

Graphic design is that thing between vision and reality. It helps us creatively solve problems of all shapes and size. We use graphic design to create better user experiences and interfaces. Graphic design is not just a tool for styling products and developing communications. Graphic design is a tool for change.

But graphic design alone is not enough. In order to be effective in today's world of hundreds of messages a minute, graphic design has to be disruptive. It has to answer that question that everyone asks themselves whenever they are exposed to any marketing media: What's in it for me? Graphic design is most disruptive when it answers that question before it's even asked.  

Our expertise in graphic design is what sets us apart from all the rest. We believe that using graphic design to creatively solve problems opens every possibility for our clients and their businesses.

Our graphic design capabilities include:

  • Collateral Design
  • Print Design
  • Website Design
  • Online Media
  • Interactive Media
  • Video Production

Print Design

​Although digital marketing is all around us today, print is still a huge part of the of our lives and pops up everywhere we look. We read posters, magazines, business cards, newspapers — more print that we realize. If you really think about it, our interaction with print media are just as prevalent as our interactions with digital media.

And that's why print design is so important. With so many opportunities to reach your audience with print, you have to make sure your print design stands out among the competition.

We are experts at creating a contrast between your marketing and your competitions, in print or any other media. 

Here are just a few of the areas where we can help:

  • Brand Collateral
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Personalized Print
  • Sales Collateral
  • Direct Marketing

Print Marketing
Direct Marketing

​Direct marketing is just what it sounds like - directly reaching your customers and potential customers on a personal basis. This also includes mass-media.

We often distinguish direct marketing by aggressive tactics that attempt to reach new customers, usually by means of unsolicited direct communications. But, we can also leverage direct marketing to reach existing or past customers. A key factor in the success of direct marketing is a call to action. As a part of this call to action, direct marketing campaigns should offer an incentive or enticing message to get consumers to respond.

Direct marketing allows us to locate, contact, offer, and make incentive-based information available to consumers. Here are some methods of direct marketing:

  • Postcards: Perfect for promoting events, distributing coupons, and announcing new product and service offerings.
  • Letters: These are great when you want to personally introduce yourself or provide information about higher-consideration purchases such as home services or contracting.
  • Trifold cards: These are similar to postcards, but provide layout flexibility to convey more information, like a restaurant take-out menu.

Print Marketing
Marketing Collateral

​Marketing collateral is used to support a company's primary advertising message to consumers. Marketing collateral is also used to communicate important information to partners about a company's products or services. Digital media has enabled marketing collateral to assume formats beyond printed material to include Web content and point-of-sale electronic devices. Printed marketing collateral frequently runs parallel to other media that is used to communicate your primary message.

Effective consumer-oriented collateral has an emotional appeal that communicates a unique and richly-rewarding user experience gained from buying the product or service. It usually supports or echoes the user benefit found in your main advertising message, including a compelling call-to-action. 

Marketing collateral usually includes:

  • Product brochures
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Success stories
  • Data sheets

Print Marketing
Personalized Print

​Personalized and relevant print takes what would otherwise be a static print piece and personalizes it for each recipient. Personalization can be as simple as a name in a salutation or as complex as the use of images, design and historical data targeted to the specific interests of each individual. It seeks to make the communication piece relevant to each recipient.

Personalized Print has proven to be an effective communication and marketing tool in capturing the attention of target audiences. Research shows that the use of personalization and relevance in print contributes to increased response rates, revenue, and business improvement; as well as reducing the costs and waste associated with “generic” mailing.

These items can be easily personalized for your recipient:

  • Postcards
  • Letters
  • Security Products
  • Tickets
  • Coupons
  • Brochures

Digital Marketing
Email Marketing Solutions

Email marketing is the business practice of sending an email to people on a list in the hopes of selling them a product or service. The primary intent is to establish loyalty, trust and brand awareness.

Unfortunately, email marketing seems to have a bad reputation. Many companies think that if people see an email that isn’t from someone they know, they will immediately consider it spam and delete it. While this may be true in some cases, you can make email marketing work for your company.

In fact, there are a lot of reasons why you should be using email marketing, beyond engaging your existing customers and gaining new ones. Here are just a few of those reasons;

  • It’s Cost Effective
  • You Can Track Data
  • You Can Automate your Campaigns
  • It’s Immediate
  • It Can Boost Sales

Despite its un-deserved status as spam, email marketing is a highly effective way to not only engage current customers, but help gain new ones as well. Any company who wants a cost-effective, proven method to help build customer relationships and boost sales should be using email marketing on a regular basis – it is that simple.

Digital Marketing
Mobile Marketing Solutions

50.4% of U.S. mobile subscribers own smartphones. (Source: Nielsen, 2012)
64% of smartphone owners are now using their mobile devices to shop online. (Source: eDigitalResearch & Portaltech Reply, 2012)
57% will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. (Compuware, 2012)
40% will go to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience. (Compuware, 2012)

With such a rapid growth in mobile subscribers, and more and more users turning to their phone instead of more traditional media, it is more important than ever to utilize cutting edge marketing efforts. Otherwise you risk losing business to the competition.

“Before the iPhone, cyberspace was something you went to your desk to visit. Now cyberspace is something you carry in your pocket.” - Paul Saffo

It's true, mobile and specifically smartphones have changed everything. But still,  developing extremely effective mobile promotion plans and strategies is still not as easy as it would seem. Investments in mobile marketing are set to exceed $50 billion annually buy 2015. With high stakes both in terms of investment and consumer demands, companies want to know which steps to take in order to create a successful mobile strategy.

Digital Marketing
Search Marketing Solutions

Where do you search? Google? Bing? Facebook? Pinterest? YouTube?

Although most “traditional” query-based searches do still happen on Google, search is no longer just a purview of search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still a relevant and valuable marketing channel evolving to include additional venues and opportunities as web users’ search behavior evolves.

SEO is not as simple as changing content, adjusting tags or buying a few links. SEO has evolved, requiring better understanding of your users, a commitment to providing quality content, and consistent processes to align all facets of your organization with search best practices.  With these SEO best practices in place, your customers won’t have to search very hard to find your company, product or brand.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? What you probably don’t know is where and how to connect?

Just like traditional marketing, defining key attributes of your target market has become a central component of a successful SEO strategy.
Social Media is a welcome tool. Helping to surface this information, it allows brands to receive almost instant feedback from a self-identified pool of likely (or existing) customers, helping refine target likes, needs and potential issues. 

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